Monday, 25 July 2011

I Want to Visit...

I don't know where are these, but the pictures look pretty and the scenes are gorgeous so... yeah, I really wanna go for other vacations. This time in a summer mode.

I've been here two years ago, but it was in winter time (duh?!) so the town was sort of dead. Closed shops and a few locals. I definitely wanna come back to Santorini in summer when the city's alive.

Again, don't know where it is but isn't the circular sofa looks comfy (not to forget the pacman table)? And the surroundings are very much zen.

Aren't these pretty? With all of the lights and the sceneries. Whew.

Gorgeous sunset.

This looks like a cartoon, but I still want to check it out anyway. Feel the Harry Potter vibe.

And this, for another winter vacay. So white.
pictures are from random tumblr accounts
So, where did you guys go for the holiday?


michelle_ said...

dreamlands indeed.. you make me miss my holidays so badly !

www.glisters and

Evelyn Halim said...

travel around europe!

xx stillettonizer