Sunday, 31 July 2011


Okay, so it's not fair for you because I haven't post anything again because I don't have any photographer right now and using a pile of kiddies books as a tripod and a digital camera is not a good idea. I should've asked my cousin but didn't have the chance. I have to recap like, prolly 10 outfit posts. Sigh... sigh... and... sigh.

I looked like a zombie...

My chubby feet

mom's zara blouse as a dress, sox galeri socks, zara oxford shoes, mulberry alexa bag

I even took these pictures on October last year, can you believe that? It was at my friend's seventeenth birthday party. Yes, it was not that formal so I was wearing this. I really miss going to seventeenth birthday parties because, like prom, the guys wore suits and everybody agreed how that affect oneself's look. Okay that's not a concrete reason. The first reason is, we, girls, got to dress up. Second, the guys wore suits.

Okay, okay. Truthfully? Above all that? The togetherness with our high school friends. Now, when I graduated from high school, we wouldn't gather again like that, with our youth energy. Except if we all turn out to be free-spirited parents or so. No. No. That came out wrong. The point is, parties like the sweet seventeenth ones were memorable. Mine was, even though it was not that perfect, but still amazing, for me. I would never ever forget how it felt.

Enough talking about the sweet seventeenth party because the title post is pale. Nawt even related, duh? 'Pale' is because my face looked like a zombie. The end.



fhenny said...

such a simple lovely outfit

style frontier

michelle_ said...

loving your bag and shoes !

Caroline Robianto said...

love the bag and shoes :D

thank you for dropping by on my blog :)