Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Kobi Levi

For me, there's nothing more enjoyable than seeing new, unique designs popping up from creative designers. Not only clothing, but accessory designers, interior, jewelry, product, and many more. So I decided, every once in a while I want to share designers or exhibitions (or I already did, actually, but I want to make it clearer) that I found online or when I passed something by or whose stores I have visited. Maybe some of you have already heard about the names I'm going to mention in the near future (including this one), but maybe some of you don't, and here's the time and place to hear about them.

I'm no great reporter with a flawless journalist skill when it comes to introducing or describing something, but I'm trying to be better. And I'm not talking about me anymore, because the spotlight's at Kobi Levi; an Israeli shoe (footwear art) designer. Yes, that 'art' word should be included because his shoes ARE art. I kept thinking; how on earth did this guy came up with an idea for a shoe like this? He's amazing. Check his works out!

Baseball Cap




Cheerleader Red





Coffee - Porcelain (maybe this one is my favorite... or second)

Chewing Gum - GENIUS!!!

Blond Ambition

Pictures were taken from Kobi Levi's website.

I really can't choose which one is my favorite because every pair of shoes on the website are so tempting to be bought! If I can afford all of them I want to collect them and wear them, or maybe just to put them inside glass boxes to be admired all the time. Very, truly, creative shoe designer #claps #standingovation #neverending (talking Instagramish/ese here).



fhenny said...

oh such amazing shoes!
the coffee pot one is pretty!

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sismade said...

check out this giveaway sweetie*

Maria and Elizabeth said...

Interesting post! Wacky but wonderful at the same time :).

We're twins from Jakarta, visit our blog if you have time :).

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Miss Kwong said...

the designs are special! haha. cute!

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B.A.D said...

These are so funny:)) I don't think I could walk in any of them


Wow super cute!! :)

Anastasia from Natbeesfashion said...

The baseball is amazing!
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Have a great day!

Sofia Clara said...

so original! I'd love to see a whole outfit including a pair of these! xxx