Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Brighton Pier

One of the destinations that my friends and I visited last winter holiday. Lovely place and food if it weren't disturbed by the ugly weather. We fought with the wind and rain, therefore we didn't get to enjoy fully the whole city, we just moved from one restaurant to another. Nevertheless, it was still an amazing day, because it wasn't where you spend your time in, it was who did you spend it with ;) (see, I can be poetic sometimes)

Shirt and leggings - Unbranded
Jacket - Mango
Shawl - H&M
Drop-crotch shorts - VOU by Gena Diguci
Boots - Vivienne Westwood x Melissa
Bag - Cupcake

This was the jacket I wrote about. You see, it was so hard to find a good bubble jacket, I thank God I bought this one a few years ago, never thought it would come in handy during winter season. Even this one I think still makes me look like a balloon had exploded in the sky. But hey, that's what a bubble jacket did to you. They made you look hoooyooogeee D; but sadly a bubble jacket was essential, especially in windy, wintry moment like when I visited Brighton. I'm still trying to find another great bubble jacket to keep me warm (and another reason to shop ;))

And the drop-crotch shorts, oh my. I never thought it would match easily with many things from my wardrobe, but it did, and I'm glad I bought it. My friend said I looked like a big baby with a diaper but his words just went in from my right ear and swoooshh...left right through my left ear. I couldn't careless. I love these shorts. I'll keep wearing it.



Steven Brown said...

This is so sweet love the vibe in the photos >333 :) I decided to follow since you have a passion for blogging. I hope you can check out my site: http://www.theproverbs.net/ and follow. Thanks for your time...hope to hear from you soon. God Bless :)

Steven B. 0:)

jule said...

haha absolute comfy dear ;)
the location is sooo cool *_*
and aaaw i want your bag..it looks so extraordinary *.*
xoxo ;**

Maria and Elizabeth said...

Loving the place! And sometimes when it comes to your outfit, comfort is number one, no? As long as you love it and your comfortable in it :)



Carmen Ri said...

These photos are so wonderful and you look beyond cute!!

Carmen Ri.

Sofia Clara said...

love the boots and the bag!! thanks for following :) following you right back xxx

Caroline Susanto said...

You look so cute there. I love the red jacket and your bag ^^

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Akiko said...

You look so lovely :) Love your bag and shoes so much. The blue touch is perfect! xo akiko
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febrina utami putri said...

amazing scenery! and your bag and boots are really cute :)