Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Green, Green, Green

Spent last Sunday going to church and missed the start of the first service, so had to join the next one. Since I started living here and go to church by myself (and with friends usually) and not with my family, going to church on time is like a must for me. I hate to miss the praise and worship part because that's my favorite part of the service. So every week, so far, I'm glad that I've always come on time or if not, just join the next service.

Anyhoo, planned to directly go home after the service resulted to not going home directly after the service. Went to Selfridges to accompany my friend and decided to linger on the handbags area and found out the Celine Trapeze in the color that I wanted sold out. Can you imagine? Yes, of course you can. Then went to Dover Street Market to check on their Celine bags collection and no color that I initially adored either.

And then I fulfilled my craving for bubble milk tea in Soho area, passed a Cinnabon store and walked in to buy a small bite, and finally went home. How on earth did I spend 3 hours not working on my homework but roaming around the city of London? But well, who could blame me? This city is interesting in every corner (but totally not when you look up--rain--and not when you look down--puddle of water because of the rain).

 Beautiful view except my bro's head ruining the corner

 The view on the highway :') (okay not the trees part, but the sunset was stunning!)

Can you see a room full of heart-shaped pink balloons? Wondered what was that for.

Green top and jacket - Vertical Club
Grey top - Club Why, got it when I went to Shanghai a long time ago
White top - Ebase, hand-me-down from my cousin
Jeans and boots - H&M
Sunnies - Rayban Wayfarer



Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Love the scarf! You're adorable =) X

Coffee Cream and the Caffeine said...

Great pictures, love the jacket :)

Akiko said...

Such beautiful photos! Miss snow :) xo akiko
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Kayka Sadowska said...

where are your socks!? :))
beautiful views!! ;)) jacket is great

Suzie Q said...

Beautiful photos of the landscape. I loved the snow picture. Great outfit with the scarf. Cute blog =)

Suzie Q
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Dara Ferrari said...

jacket and scarf really love it . following you now.

xoxo, follow?