Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Me Not Gusta

Missing home so much right now and the fact that my three friends are going back to our home country doesn't help. I want to go home too!!! And eat. And sleep. I'm suffering from sleep deprivation for days now thanks to the work loads. But hey, trying to keep my head straight and thinking good thoughts... this will end in 3 weeks and then I can get my beauty sleep. And you know when I sleep, I sleep hard. 14 hours hard.

Not my best look... :/

Dress - H&M (for me it's the perfect black and white striped dress)
Jacket - Zara
Tights - American Apparel
Bag - Issey Miyake Bao Bao
Flats - New Look

Photographed by Paulina Koshan

Pictures were taken during my Spring break and on that day we watched The Hunger Games and ate burgers in one of the most delicious burger restos here, Byron. I think I should eat burger again soon.

I paired this black and white look with a touch of color to give the blah feel a little oomph. Usually I don't like black, white, and one other non-neutral color combined together because in my opinion they look cheap. Black and white are at their best when they are both alone. But, some colors like this green tosca will do. Also pink, but not shocking pink, but the pink I wore on this post. Avoid yellow cause you'll look like a bee, unless if that's your intention. All sorts of blue can work well with black and white, I think, except electric blue and cyan. I won't go with dark brown and red either.

Well, this color "lesson" is only a matter of opinion. Maybe your favorite colors are black, white, and orange and you want to combine all those together for a party outfit or whatever... it's your choice :)

I think next time I should do another color "lesson", especially about red and pink, because (again) in my opinion, they could be the worst color combination ever. If you don't get them right, that is.



Allison said...

I love your jacket! It's so beautiful!
Would love for you to visit my blog sometime!


Claireta Teressa said...

cute >.<

Julääh said...

both of your outfits looks amazing :D
like the combination with the blue leggings
and the cardigan of your friend is so beautiful *___*
really like your blog and i´m a new follower ;*


Le Gille said...

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Silvia said...

Love those pics! Amazing looks!


Coffee Cream and the Caffeine said...

I love your friend's pink sweater :) Nice pic btw.


Stevia said...

thank you for the color lesson! :)

love your flats!

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