Sunday, 22 December 2013

Navy Blue is My Mantra

Sweater - Cotton Ink
Skirt - H&M
Tights and flats - Primark
Bag - Cupcake
Socks - Rubi
Necklace - COS

Nothing you haven't seen before. I have used and abused these sweater, bag, and flats. I, sometimes, am also bored with my wardrobe. Yeah. Sometimes, just sometimes, I'm one of those girls who say, "I have nothing to wear!" when I have a whole wardrobe for myself. But seriously, aren't every girl?

Oh, and the dessert picture is just something I thought I'd add. But those who live in Jakarta, don't worry, Hong Tang is definitely better.


Avellia Anwar said...

a cute you

stay fab,
Miss Aa

Stephanie L said...

I love that little pop of color in your skirt. And those desserts definitely look so good!

Comme une giroflée said...

Very cool outfit. I also had that time where I loved wearing polka dots. Your blog is also cool. xx

sepatuholig-Grace Njio said...

Cute look on you... Desert looks yummie.....

JANET said...

Cute outfit! x

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Ellie said...

what an adorable socks, the desserts seem interesting :D

Eline said...

lovely tights!