Tuesday, 12 March 2013

& Other Stories

H&M's new womenswear label, & Other Stories, has just launched the first store in Regent Street, London. I have been anticipating this new shopping destination since Style Bubble mentioned it on her blog. I started to browse just to have a quick look of what the first new collection would look like. Honestly, when I watched the sneak peek on their Youtube channel, I wasn't that engaged with the products. But, any new shopping stores are always welcomed, because sometimes I got bored with the common high street brands already. I'm looking forward for new creation, and I think, even though & Other Stories didn't do it well enough, it wasn't so bad as well.

When I checked their store earlier today, I was attracted to five pieces in total; 1 dress-coat, 1 short-sleeve jacket, and 3 pair of shoes. What surprised me was their shoes were made in Italy. Quality wise, the products are better than H&M's but do not exceed COS'.

So my favorites are:

The last two pieces are Abigail Lorick's collaboration designs

The feeling that I got from the clothing; they are plain, clean cut, little interesting details here and there. I saw several prints happening around the collection; one floral, one wavy blue-ish ocean, one rainbow, etc, but  plain fabrics are still dominating. Some more interesting products to look at:

& Other Stories do not only sell fashion garments, but they also sell beauty products. H&M, Topshop, and other high street brands do have beauty products, but in & Other Stories, the beauty products are not 'outcasted' but rather it is introduced all over the corner (e.g. on the accessories table you might find a small bottle of nail polish). I think the idea is to have a beauty shop inside a fashion store and it kind of reminds me of the Korean beauty shops; Etude and Face Shop. I didn't really check them out so couldn't give any opinion on that, but you could always go to their website.

Overall the clothes sold in this store are not typically my style. Well, close, but not the ones I crave for or couldn't sleep thinking about. But, they do have some unique pieces and it's still a fresh air in the fashion industry, I guess.

Unfortunately, & Other Stories stores are only available in UK/EU area in these following countries; Spain, Germany, Denmark, France, Italy, Sweden, and United Kingdom. For more stories, head to & Other Stories webpage / webstore.

Images were taken from the website.


Novarinna Tan said...

Love everything on your post!! Gorgeous, simple and wearable !!

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