Saturday, 2 March 2013

Flats Are My Friends

Happiness is when you have a credit card in your hand and a permission to use it. I've heard this sentence somewhere. Gotta agree immediately! I'm such a girl. (I think even any guy would agree!)

A story from last summer. In the middle of June, I walked around by myself to shop and went inside Jimmy Choo. No surprise, the summer sale had started. And guess what I found? Jimmy Choo Private in black suede, 120mm high, and 30 percent off! I've wanted this pair of shoes since I arrived here in September 2011 but at that time they didn't have it in suede, just patent leather. But I don't know why they did last June, and I asked the shopkeeper why the classic is on sale? She said that model will be discontinued. I was in dilemma right at that moment. I tried them, of course. I started to walk. They hurt my feet. Well, my plan was to actually get the shorter heels, since I thought if they had it for the patent leather, they should have it as well for the suede. But no, it was the last pair :( In my size! Talk about destiny!

But, being me, I thought hard to get it or not... because last time I bought a pair of branded heels, they hurt as well and stayed at the back of my closet in my hometown after I wore them a couple of times. So... I tried to be wiser *erm...cough* and let them go. Even though it was the only design from Jimmy Choo that I liked. Even though it was the last pair, ever. Even though I may not have a pair of Jimmy Choo in my life. Fine. I'll use the money to buy flats instead. Flats are my friends ;D

Shirt underneath - H&M
Dress - COS
Tights - Monki
Bag - Prada Saffiano Tote
Flats - Pazzion (available in Wisma Atria, Singapore)



Novarinna Tan said...

your your tight <3

Camilla Bordoni said...

great dress baby !
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Carmen Ri said...

Your dress is too pretty ~ adore the colour of it!

Carmen Ri.

fhenny said...

such a quirky look!
the flats are pretty

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