Tuesday, 12 February 2013


I'm not a shoe person, let me tell you. But, as much as not-a-shoe-person that I am, I j'adore creative, artsy shoes. Red soles on you? I wouldn't be amazed, even if you have a hundred pairs of em. However, these shoes, got my heart racing.

These Fendi shoes are gorgeous to the core. Every colour works, clish-clashing materials subtly but they complemented each other, with or without thin buckles. Perfection. Been eyeing for these since last year!

Now I'd say, stunning heels. Just, stunning. If you don't wear em. Look at those toes spread all over the front! Even models' toes could look ugly, and these pics that I chose were better than the rest of the pack. But still, stunning heels.

 Alexander McQueen
Again, magnificent heels. Not too fond of the top part. I'm not liking the glitter nor the patent leather. If there's one leather I dislike the most, it's patent. Most of the time they look cheap, especially in white.

Oxford shoes brought up to the next level. Yes. This is what I'm talking about. They looked painful, but ah, what the heck right. They look preppy pretty slash tough pretty with all the blocks (cut or not).

Overall, my favorite is still Fendi. They're all from the Spring 2013 RTW collection. I cannot wait for Spring by the way. The fashion style always gets so much better after the kinda-dull winter.

I actually want to feature Dolce & Gabbana's as well but cannot get the right picture of the heels that I was interested in. The heels were wooden/bamboo-ish and very skeleton-lookalike but at the same time looked like the bottom part of a bamboo bench that I used to sit on when I was in Indonesia. Maybe they had the same benches in Italy?

Well, from this post I, myself, learnt that the most interesting part of a shoe might be the heels. Because looking at the pictures above, and some several others like my Nicholas Kirkwood x Keith Haring post, the heels are always been the major focus of the shoes. But still, you know, however gorgeous the heels might be, if the top isn't that great, I woudn't want to buy it. I don't want only the heels, I want the whole package.



yiqin; said...

the shoes are fierce <3

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Omg major love those shoes! xx


febrina utami putri said...

I love Givenchy's and Balenciaga's!! Pretty shoes would take you to pretty places :)