Friday, 28 September 2012

New Girl

I've never missed the first day of school in a new school year, until this year. Because I dislike being the only new one in the class, missing the assignments (especially this! I have to hurry to get the tasks done and afraid if I couldn't keep track of the homework etc), the groupings, and stuff. And because I have never been the new girl, considering I grew up in the same school since I was kindergarten to high school. I was always the "old one" and I knew everyone in my year. But I guess there's always a first time for everything (well, this one is the second time and it still sucks) and I just hope that this new school year will be good to me (please, please pretty pretty please).

Shirt - GAP
Sweater - Cotton On
Leggings - Unbranded
Coat - Zara
Boots - H&M
Bag - Agnes B
Bow tie - Handmade

You know, I wanted to describe what did I do that day when I took these pictures but I'm still *:s* (whatever that is) about this new girl thing. But, just to make you guys not questioning where did that cute store located, it was in Surry Hills, Sydney. That store did not only sell clothing, but also tidbits (meaning small homewares) and fashion books! How lovely :) And I'm so sorry I forgot the shop's name x.x (bad news, even for me)...

Let me mourn for a few more days about this disturbing thing (yep, still disturbing)...



Elegantesque said...

Lovely look darling and the shop look amazing, did you shop anything ?

wanna follow each other on facebook and GFC ?



Elegantesque Blog

Carolyna said...

so many great pictures

faye asido said...

Cute bowtie!

Anita said...

I drove past Surry Hills the other day, your post makes me wish I had stopped and walked around!

Gabriella Olivia said...

cute outfit! love your sweater! <3

Wynne Prasetyo said...

i love those cute bows Adeline!


kelimutu said...

cool place! and you look so cute being in a coat, boots, and bow tie. (:

hmmph, I love your blog. follow back, maybe?


Julääh said...

aaw i exactly know what do you mean =_= on monday i will start my study ..and i don´t know one person there :( i hope we both will meet nice people x3
and your jumper is really cute
lovely outfit :)
xoxo ;**

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Such a cute outfit! Love the bowtie xx

Carmen Ri said...

Your bow tie is too adorable!!

Don't worry too much about being the new girl. I moved about so much when I was younger, I think I've been to 10 different schools. It's tough being the new girl but that feeling doesn't last long!

You do look amazingly like CL. I love her and my initials are CL too ahah.

Carmen Ri.

Sugar Bunny said...

love your coat <3

Livia said...

your bow tie looks so cuteee, i love it!! nice post, dear <33


Rowena @ rolala loves said...

I remember always looking forward to the first day of school. So much hope and anticipation. Sweet outfit! Your double bow ties are really cute. Have a great semester!

Rowena @ rolala loves