Sunday, 15 April 2012

Just a Friend

Have you ever feel like you were being too kind to someone who don't deserve it? Well, I'm not claiming that my attitude towards this particular someone is too kind, but I felt manipulated. No, that's not a right word to describe it. It was nothing serious, really, but at times you just automatically think about what you did to "X" and what X did to you. I tried my best to be helpful and be there and being a friend. But X just did not put as much effort as I did in this circle called "friendship". So is it my wrong for me being too demanding for X to be just a friend? No judging, no pressured-feeling, just a friend.

Oh ya, and I covered most of my face on these pictures just because I was being too ugly. I was thinking on what cartoon character should I edit myself with, then I thought about Derpina...

Me being my silly self

 Jumper - Topshop
Shorts - Tailor made
Shawl - Cotton Ink
Tights - Zara
Socks - Primark
Shoes - New Look
Bag - Cupcake
Coat - Forever New

Anyway, hahaha, I can't draw Derpina as perfect as the 9gagers but I found her expressions quite funny on me. In a good way.

School will start tomorrow and I just hope I still can blog regularly as I've been this past month (because of my Easter / spring break obviously) because I started to consider this blog as an opened diary where I could pour everything I want under my conscience that surely can be judged by people but at least I let my feelings out. It's healthier than keeping it inside my head and soul. Or even, just mumbling on my blog could help ;)



Blogger said...

Great outfit dear :). I love the coat!

Yessica said...

Ah, I love your bag and coat! hahaha, i sometimes feel the same way about friends. Maybe it's just life. =)

Claireta Teressa said...

pretty ,
i love yoru tights and scallop short ♥

Akiko said...

Lovely outfit! Pink top looks great on you :) xo akiko

Coffee Cream and the Caffeine said...

hahaha this is so 9gag ! Derpina :p