Friday, 20 April 2012

Importance of Fashion

I've been thinking about this thing I'm going to talk about for a few times already. It's about fashion or art as general in the eyes of the world. You see, most of the time (back in my home country mostly) when you get into fashion for a university course, people would judge you as being... hmmm... what do you call it? Some kind of a not serious learner because they value students who are going to an engineer course, or doctor/medical, or architecture more.

But can't you see? Fashion is a big business. We can find fashion everywhere now. Literally everywhere. Any cheapest market to the most expensive, luxurious high end brands, there it is; FASHION. So how can they judge something so obviously great and so fast-track and influenced so many things as less important than those who go to engineering or business?

But then I thought again. This time from the general point of view, not mine. If there is a third world war, or say, global warming, and the end of the world is near (we know now it is - not 2012 - but it's coming) which one is more important; a scientist or a fashion designer?

I think fashion designers or artists in general were born to make the world more lively and less boring. The world has become more lively and less boring, agree? Agreed. But, the world has been damaged as well.

Have you heard this sentence; "the world without art is just 'eh'...". I agreed. However, let's return to the third paragraph topic. IF the world is in danger and all the scientists, the doctors, and engineers, and politicians, all of the important people unite and work to make the Earth better again, this planet will be.... yeah, 'eh'. Therefore, there will be born another artist, another musician, another fashion designer, another stylist, another actor, another actress to make the world more interesting and colorful...and it'll all be like the condition that it is now. Kind of like a cycle.

This is not a great essay. Heck, not a good one even with all the grammar mistakes and confusing points... So if you get what I mean, good. If you don't, don't mind because this is just a thought.

Please feel free to say what you think because I am so interested to hear other people's opinions about this kind of issue.



kathleen said...

I've thought about this topic endlessly myself since I was an almost-fashion-student not too long ago. I ended up taking Commerce, the sensible degree, instead. But not because I think fashion is stupid and irrelevant (it was more a parental influence to get a stable job etc etc but I'll be going back to fashion soon haha).

POINT IS, this is such an interesting issue. Yes, fashion may not be taken seriously by most other professionals but there is no doubt it's a big business and on a day to day basis (no wars or anything), people are out there to make money and the fashion industry most certainly churns out a decent amount of dough. Perhaps art and fashion are not life-savers but they are most certainly respectable professional fields and if you're interested in it, then why not go for it :)

Ok, I have more thoughts on this issue but this feels like a very long comment with very little structure so I'm going to stop writing hahaa. Thanks for bringing up this topic, I loved reading about it :)

Shaula Safira CH said...

this topic running on my mind sometimes. some people think that being in fashion industry is not that smart as the engineer, the doctor, or anything else.

they thing fashion is just a little thing that us shouldn't bring it big. they don't know that fashion is that important. they don't know when the fresh graduates, to be accepted in a job, they need to make a good image. if they want to be in bussiness job, they can't wear tees or shorts.

as you said before, they never thought that fashion is really a big industry and always growing. we can't deny that fashion is that important.

sorry maybe for the bad grammar, but this topic is really interesting :)