Thursday, 12 April 2012

Brekkie of the Day

My favorite meal of the day is gotta be breakfast. I don't know why I'm always excited to plan what my breakfast is going to be for the next day. For today, I have a bowl of Milo and cereal :) I also remembered the time where I even ordered Australian breakfast menu for dinner. Yes, I love breakfast that much.

A couple of weeks ago I had a brunch in The Breakfast Club, a place near my friend's flat and I have to say, this kind of breakfast really suits me. It was my first time eating American breakfast in London, and I planned to have another one around this week, before my school starts (happy face for the breakfast day and sad face for the school).

 Hot chocolate and marshmallow

Eggs benedict

Waffle with bacon and banana

The place was also very... what do you call it... cozy? Artsy? American?

Of course. Because of a good breakfast.

Ciao. (Have a good day, everyone!)


Yessica said...

Looks so yummy! i want the chocolate with the marshmallow. =)

Carmen said...

Everything looks so good, especially the hot chocolate! Where is this place? Wahaca was really good, you should definitely go there!

Carmen Ri.

Rin Handika said...

Wooow i wanna go there, these food loos so yummy :)
Nice blog :) M aybe we can follow each other? <3 HUG

Silvia said...

Love these photos and post!

Caroline Robianto said...

OMG YUMMM!!! I love the hot chocolate post :D