Sunday, 25 September 2011

Home and Away

Do you know what's worse than leaving home for studying abroad? Not a place to live in that "abroad" part. So that was not the plan, really. I almost got a room in a housing service. But then I thought, shared bathroom? Shared kitchen? I can't live with that! No. Okay, kitchen, maybe yes. But bathroom...? I cannot imagine the need to carry my toiletries every single time I want to bathe. Take that back, I can. Because I went to camps and all that stuff and that required me to bring my towel, shampoo, soap, everything I need in  a plastic bag because I didn't want my belongings to touch the dirty wall, which was driving me disgusted. I'm a clean freak, remember? So I can't share a bathroom! There are germs everywhere!

Probably my "high" face. Hahahahaha!

My "I'm-so-cute-look-at-me" face.

rubi sandals, jiesbeadz bangles, accessorize 'love' ring and chained necklace, unbranded ring

dorothy perkins tank top, sportsgirl blouse, zara trf short jeans

There are probably rooms that have a bathroom inside them, but it's quite complicated, and I don't think dorm-living suits me. Well, I'd never know, cause I never try. So, I finally decide to look for an apartment/a house when I get there. Hopefully I can get one that's comfy enough to live when I'm so far from my actual home, and near my school. Fingers crossed. Wish me luck ;)

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Jelisaveta said...

Great outfit! You are so beautiful! :)