Friday, 7 October 2011


Three things I want to inform. Make it four.

1. I'm terrible at posting constantly so I apologize for that. I've been quite busy with all the moving and settling to a new place and new environment. So, yeah. Oh, and sometimes the Internet sucks.

2. The tragic news I saw yesterday from twitter the time I woke up; it was really sad. I've never been a loyal Apple user, but I know Steve Jobs had done amazing works and changed the world literally. The only Apple product I have right now with me is an iPod Touch third generation. I'm planning to buy a Mac for a change in laptop, but maybe next year. And I don't know if I want the iPhone 4S or not, because it'll be sold out in just a short time, I guess, and I also planning to change to the newest Blackberry Bold. Cannot make up my mind right now. But yes, even though I've never met him--Steve Jobs--it was just terrible. Especially after I read Hot Chocolate and Mint's post yesterday about Jobs' speech. Yes, it was one of the greatest speeches I've ever heard (or read).

3. Outfit post. The pictures I took before I left.

supre t-shirt, aiiz shorts, dior canvas bag

charles & keith sandals, cotton ink leather bangle, evita perroni necklace, accessorize bracelets, dorothy perkins ring
ps. I lost my Cotton Ink leather bangle. I'm s.a.d. it's one of my favorite accessories and it matches with everything, but maybe because the clip is easy to get off, so maybe that's why if I wasn't careful it would fall. And it did, somewhere, I don't know yesterday. But fortunately I've wore it a million times so maybe it's still...well, it's still not okay, but maybe you know what I mean :( I want it back. 

 4. On Tuesday, I had like a major cry out. I mean, I cried in the morning, I went to school, after school I did some research with my classmate for a project we've finished already, and after that when I got to the apartment, I broke down to tears again. Why? Simply because I was homesick. I never thought that moving into another country and living on my own would be this hard. Now I know how it feels and it's... I can't say it's bad, but it's different. Like major changes all around. I don't have anyone to cook for me anymore, I don't have my maids to clean my room, wash my clothes, clean my toilet, and etc etc etc. I have to do practically all by myself. It's a good practice to be independent, but it's just too sudden. And I'm not used to being alone.
When I was at my house back in Indonesia, even when my parents went out and my brother hung out with his friends, there would be sounds and noises outside my room (maybe my maids watching a TV or something) but I've never felt that torn up to leave home. I was simply devastated.
I was bbm'ing with my mom and my sister and got eventually better but I remembered everything and I cried all over again. But thanks to God, it was just for the first day of being alone. The next day I was okay, at least I didn't cry.
And now I'm just glad I was kind of over the phase of being a cry baby. I know this is maybe what's best for me. And I also tweeted that I'm getting use to the life right now, I feel independent for doing all the chores (well, not all because I haven't get a permanent place to stay... how BAD). But I also have to get myself more organized, like for example, be neater, cleaner, and just... organized cause if I'm not I may not complete everything in time.

So okay, maybe some of you don't read all the blabs above and just look at the pictures. But I always appreciate people who read, because by reading, we kinda understand. And cause that's what I do when I open people's blogs. I read. And see pictures. Great combination, ey?


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