Friday, 16 September 2011


I'm slacking to update my blog. I've been away, for one reason, aaannnddd also caught up for lazy-ing if you can call it that. But anyhow, I will post some outfit pictures I took before I left for the vacatiońę. Kidding. I don't even know how that was pronounced.

Look. at. my. fringe. Hahahahaha. I just wanna laugh looking at it.
Speaking of the pictures above, I had no idea my dad renovating the rooftop of the house! It was like a greenhouse there, minus the glass. FULL of plants. Not that it's a bad thing. My dad has always been keen for plants. He likes flowers and... plants. He water them every day, I think. I'm the contradict. I'm like a no-flower person. I once said I don't have a favorite flower. Does Chanel's camellia count as my favorite flower?
Anyway, I found this out when I was looking for a new spot for my outfit post. But, blame the no-tripod-condition, my outfit posts still looked as "blach". And also because I wasn't comfortable posing around when a huge flying bug flew here and there. I was afraid I would get stung. Talking about not-a-nature-lover.

zara t-shirt, cotton ink skirt

charles & keith sandals, h&m leather bracelet, jiesbeadz bangles, 'i am beautiful' freebie necklace from GF australia magazine, thrifted rings