Sunday, 16 August 2015

Used and Abused

I really like it when I use and abuse things that I have (like dead objects, not living things okay?) because that means I make a good use of them. Like, really use them, so it feels like they are worth the money because I always use them. Unlike some things that are kept for too long in my closet (a pair of heels that hurt like hell, I've told you the story, I think) I've worn this pair of Converse for God knows how many times. I wore them with jeans, shorts, tops, dresses, skirts, my high school uniforms, you name it, until I've stopped using them in my last year in London because they don't do rain. Not because they're precious leather or anything, but because the glue doesn't hold the sides of the shoes so well anymore that water starts coming in and wet my socks and it's just not nice wearing wet socks in London's weather. It's cold.

I'm sorry for being disgusting, but it's the truth.

So, to let go of these used beaus, I dedicate a special post with only them in the pictures. They're not off white anymore. They're not clean, at all. They look ugly. But they were comfy. So long, sneakers. You've served me well.

'Til next post!

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