Sunday, 12 August 2012

Sand Dune

Reflection was always a part of my school tasks, since I was in primary school, up until now. Long, long time ago I thought it was unimportant. But now (after years of practices in reflecting), you could say that it IS one of the most important things. You do something, you reflect on it, you improve, you get better. I guess reflecting on yourselves can take a very short moment, in your mind, or might take a few hours to jot down everything on a piece of paper (or two, three, a whole book if possible).

Just now I thought to myself. I'm very lazy. It became a habit during this holiday. A bad one. I wanted to do something meaningful and live everyday to the fullest, but that's not what I did. Then what should I do? I'm a NATO lately. No-action-talk-only person. It got me frustrated.

I know that this is my holiday and as students, let's face it, we have right to have fun. Or maybe it's our job to have fun. But burden is what I feel. Burden to work, burden to learn, burden to do something. Just do something (and in this case, no, I don't mean shop). And now I'm facing this one question in my head; what to do?

Top - Unbranded
Cardigan - Body & Soul
Trench Coat - Lily
Jeans and beanie - H&M
Sunnies - Christian Dior

The sand dune and toboggan looks superbly fun, yes? Well, it was, if you also consider the hike and a mouthful of sand "fun". I only sled twice (although if someone is going to take me there again, I won't mind, and I'd still play hehehe). The weather was nice; just the right amount of sun and wind.

After three-quarters of the day spent at Port Stephens, my siblings and I went back to Sydney and had a mouth-watering feast at Hurricane, the infamous ribs resto. Trust me, you will want to go back to Ozzie just for that. Or maybe not hahaha... and then we went for a dessert at Lindt. Oh yes. Take me back to Ozzie.



Lauren said...

Absolutely stunning photos! I was wond

Loving your blog,
-Lauren what that was you were holding (tobogan)!!

Claireta Teressa said...

stunning ☺♥

Frontrow said...

I always make a reflection about my blog; So important to stay critical about yourself.

You look amazing by the way.

Great blog: I'm your new follower <3

Lots of love: Pauline

Silvia said...

Amazing pics!!! Love you look.

Akiko said...

Beautiful place and love to visit there.. Great photographies too! xo akiko
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Diaswari Predani said...

inspiring! wanna follow each other? :)

sweet and sugars,

Julye said...

Very nice pictures - the sweets look so good !!

Carmen Ri said...

I'm so jealous of you going sand boarding! These photos are so pretty, you always take photos in such wonderful places :) Just enjoy your Summer, soon you'll be an adult with all those burdens but for now just enjoy the fact that you don't have to do anything unless you want to!

Carmen Ri.

Fashion babel said...

that looks awesome!
wanna follow each other?yes no?