Saturday, 20 March 2010

This Is Not Really a Blog

yeah.not really.cos i dont update this blog very often.very rare, i get the chance now.i just figure out how to use my webcam, the webcam that does not have any self timer feature, and the webcam that give blur results. sigh. I NEED A am i suppose to blog when i dont have any camera with me?to take picture of my outfit,i mean.i dont know why i didnt do that a long time a camera i parents had offered me to buy it,and i guess at that time i was confused to choose dslr or digicam.well now obviously dslr.haha.but havent buy it.sigh.double sigh.i mean,what kind of blog doesnt post any picture?not entertainment,certainly.especially when i want to be a fashion blogger.a daily fashion blogger.but i cant.because laziness struck me.or the camera problem.again.i want to post pictures because i know how it feels when you open a blog without a picture,boring.duh.its what i think anyway.if that blog doesnt have picture,i wouldnt be interested in reading the contents (except if they were for my school research),except if she/he really telling an interesting story.which is not often.
oh ya,and one more "blogger",the page where you type,yes,you know you have features above the white box right?well,the features in here,it's not complete.usually you can change the color,the size,and the font of the words you write below,but not mine.i cannot "justified" the paragraph too.sad.and then if i upload a picture,it cannot shows up directly,it's still in some code language to upgrade?anyone know?its like im talking by myself here.yeah.because well,before i can update my blog daily, i wont link people cos that would be like,the same.
i already had like events going on in my life since new year and i want to post it here.sometimes i was lazy and sometimes i dont have the camera.well,i have the camera while my sister was here.but then,she left.and bring her camera with her.sigh.i sighed a little bit too much,wasnt i? im gonna divide them into parts so its not so confusing and too crowded to read.
well um, i guess i talked too much.but hey,its my public diary.ehehe.
below are pictures i took about an hour ago..or so..

southaven blouse, satin skirt from singapore, cyn shoes, louis vuitton bag, nuance necklace, unbranded silver bangles

closer looks

i wore this outfit to go to my friend's sweet seventeenth party.not a huge one,less than a hundred.and the dresscose was smart casual silver white.

@ the party with my two best friends, monica and jj.

next: casual outits.i played a little dressup game even thou i am so tired.i am so sleepy.and tomorrow i'll go to church.but if i have mood for blogging,hm,should not waste it...

cardigan as long sleeve tshirt from guangzhou, invio vest, jeans from singapore, accesorize necklace, bag from shanghai

h&m green tank top, stripy brown tank top from malaysia with a brand called "Padini Authentics", jeans from singapore, nuance necklace
this is soooo plain.i think this is sort of a look from ordinary american teenagers (woots,use these words cos i'm in the middle of watching the secret life of american teenagers).

the good thing about webcam picture results is that it doesnt need a very long time to upload it here,unlike my sister's camera.i know i could always resize the pictures but im far too lazy to do even though its in the bad quality,mostly,but it saves time ;p
by the way,im in the middle of mid semester holiday AND i still have here are my homework (i LOVE to make lists,and counting):
1. G4 report
2. Bahasa Indonesia-read kumpulan cerpen by Oka Rusmini, a book called Sagra
3. ITGS-study for chapter 8 test
4. Biology-chromatography report
5. mmmm still thinking but i know it is there somewhere (the hw i mean, because i ALWAYS have hw D:) o yea, extended essay-i should start thinking about it fact, i should do the research NOW.
okay i gotta go to bed.i am sooo tired.i am sooo sleepy.i have mentioned those,havent i?i think so too.but right now with more emphasis.
ps.i'll post the other parts tomorrow.or the next day.or the day after the day of tomorrow.whatever.bye.

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