Monday, 22 March 2010

Monica+Ricky+Kevin's Birthday Party is sooo late to post this just now.but anyway,want to show the pictures :)

topshop tank top, cotton on dress, cardigan from taiwan, necklace from singapore, belt from guangzhou, accessorize bracelets, chanel handbag, charles&keith high heels
i'm really digging navy trend.i love.i just love the colors,the simple stripes,the styles.i'm just in LOVE with navy.even though i can't stand the navy things sold in zara.there are just too many.i counted and there are 23 black/white stripy tops.whoaza.not including the red/white and blue/white.
back to the topic.hmm.the party was about a month ago, 20th of february to be exact, in wf.
jj, monica, kartika, me
i don't know why but i like this picture eventhou it's dark. maybe my expression?
the crowd.
well, it was not too crowd-ish. the other friends were outside.
(top-from left to right): jj, me, ricky, listia, feli, sasa, elza, aveline
(bottom-from left to right): hugo, albert, kevin, vincent, rainer
feli, monica, me
okaay.ciao. (==a) riiight?

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