Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Guide to New York City Day 5

Finally. We've reached Day 5, the last day. My friends and I tried to maximise today as effective and efficient as possible. Day 5 was basically filled with mostly food. First thing in the morning is Fifth Avenue again to finish our checklist for things to shop--went in Bergdorf Goodman, J. Crew, Kate Spade, etc. Then went for a lunch at Joe Bastianich's restaurant called Babbo, walked around a bit--passed Washington Park, NYU, and finally dessert-hunting one more time.

We munched over the best desserts in NYC--The Spot Dessert Bar. They serve the most glorious desserts in a very affordable price, without compensating the taste. I wish I have this restaurant everywhere I go. We tried the Chocolate Green Tea Lava Cake, Golden Toast, The Harvest, and Yuzu Eskimo.

Was full already but we were determined to gulp on more sweetness by going to Dominique Ansel Bakery. We knew already that we won't get our hands on the famous cronuts but because we heard his other desserts are to-die-for as well, we still walked there. And the other desserts were gone too. So I tried the DKA--better than trying nothing--and I didn't regret it because it was also nice.

Moving on, went back to Soho for Georgetown Cupcake--again, not to be missed, AMAZEBALLS--and walked around a bit for shopping. BTW, go check Kate Spade Saturday and Jack Spade since these sister/mister brands of Kate Spade are only available in some countries and they have lovely things. I am a Kate Spade fan <3 p="">
Afterwards we were on the run for another banana pudding by Magnolia Bakery that we had on Day 3,  intentionally wanted to buy more of these for our friends in London to have a taste but the lady said we can't keep it more than twelve hours or so without a refrigerator *sad face*. Still bought more for maself though so I can eat it for the last time. Who knows when I'll be back.

For dinner we had Wolfgang Steakhouse, just one of the most succulent, tender, mouthwatering meat I've ever tasted. It is served similarly as the famous Peter Luger's and I heard from my cousins who tried that one it was one of the best they've ever had as well, so maybe you could decide which one to try when in NYC--or try both and tell me which one is better ;D

Last stop before going back to our messy apartment from all the packing *another sad face* was Times Square--to meet another friend's friend. Managed to look around H&M (that opens til 1 A.M.!) and Yankees shop. So glad that we did, because now we can see Times Square's view both day and night. Which are both beautiful. I can't remember but I think we stayed until 1 A.M. before going back to our Airbnb. And as you can guess, it was still lively.

And that is my 5-days trip to New York City.

The Spot Dessert Bar

DKA by Dominique Ansel

Pink boxes at Georgetown Cupcakes!

Wolfgang Steakhouse

Dress - From London | Similar here
Coat - French Connection | Similar here or here
Tights - H&M | Similar here
Socks - New Look | Similar here

Photographed by Fitria Tjandra

Next post will be about my trip to Cornwall, Southern England!

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