Friday, 6 September 2013

The Eyes, The Lips & The Ears

I want steak.

But I bet none of you would remember that by the end of the post. It's like you're reading but you don't want to understand. It's like you're hearing, but you're not really listening to what others have to say. Not that 'I want steak' is an important, live or death statement.

It's just an example. Because lately, I come to realise how little people would listen and how much they would talk. You can find a few listeners amongst groups because (almost) everybody wants to talk, (almost) everybody wants to be the centre of attention.

The realisation came to mind when I wanted to talk about something (unimportant) to someone. You know, because you do talk about unimportant stuff. Midway through my story, that someone just didn't bother to listen anymore. And I thought, how many times did I listen to every story this person said? Countless. I always listened and always gave comments when asked no matter the quality of the scoops. And I did that not because I wanted this person to do the same thing for me, it was because I cared enough to listen even if the stories didn't have anything to do with me. So I also stopped and didn't even try to continue my story because I knew how little this person's interest in hearing my (again, unimportant) story. And because I didn't want to push someone to listen to me if they didn't want to.

Then somehow out of nowhere a quote from my all-time-favorite movie just popped to my head; "Maybe you were looking, but you weren't really seeing." Same applied to the ears; maybe you were hearing, but you weren't really listening. Also, another quote from a book that I currently read that kind of implied the same meaning; "...the difference between interesting versus interested. I don't think there's anything wrong about trying to be interesting, but I think it's more admirable by far to be interested. For one thing, being interested makes you smarter. You will learn things by being interested. And, in addition to that, being interested gives the people you are talking to the feeling that they are important and that you care about them. It bolsters their self-esteem and makes them stronger..." (Eugene Salomon).

That's why I have this blog. I can write whatever I want and people could read it if they want to, or if they want to skip to the pictures, it's up to them. By writing this post, I could probably influence one or two people to be a better listener, and to plant it deeper to my brain that one does not always need to be heard. Sometimes a story might be better if kept to oneself anyway.

Top + Shorts - Unbranded
Necklace, bracelets, rings - H&M
Sunglasses - Prada
Hairband - Bought in Dongdaemun, Korea
Shoes - Office
Bag - Mom's vintage Phillippe Charriol

Speaking of, the lady in Sunglass Hut shop in LA told me when I visited to buy a pair of new Rayban to hold on to these sunnies since they're very hard to get now. Well, my plan was to never let go in the first place. I was pretty much hypnotised by the iconic Prada swirl on the sides. So yeah.

'Til next post.

P.S. Fillet mignon.


Lindsey Louise Bales said...

i love your bag here! such a cute outfit!

lindsey louise

Andrea said...

This is such a cool look! Love the way you did your hair, it really complements your necklace.

Shanka S. said...

adeline your shorts lucu banget! :D