Monday, 23 August 2010


dress from jakarta, unbranded tights, longchamp bag, accessorize necklace, gifted bangles from sister
Urgh I'm not good at this. Posting regularly, I mean. And taking pictures regularly too. Been very busy (like this is a new news?) doing school work. Ew. I know. I actually should write my extended essay right now but then, why not updating my blog while listening to Fire Burning? Hmm... Not a good reason of procrastination. Like duh who doesn't do that nowadays? Procrastinating, I mean.
Oh yeah another news, I maintained to get into Big 16 in fashion design competition but then didn't get into the Big 8. I'm not disappointed or anything because I have guessed that before when I covered some mistakes on the design with water color (GOOD JOB.... NOT!) and I thought "Ohh I'm gonna fail this" and yea. Hahaha. That's okay. There will be another chance. :)) Other contestants' techniques of drawing were good too I saw one of them and I was like, WOW, it was just like printed out of... well, what else, printer that is.
I'm gonna make a promise; to take pictures. HAHAHAHAHAHA. I mean regularly. Because usually I was so lazy to bring my shoes upstairs-they're all downstairs-and because my room doesn't have any shoe rack. So most of the time I was just taking pictures without shoes.
Okay. I talked too much. Bye. I should return to my work (yawn).

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