Friday, 28 May 2010

Details, Details

t-shirt from disneyland, unbranded dress, flats from singapore, bag + necklace from shanghai

I like how the dress draped like that. It seemed so flowy. Me likey. Ahahaha. And look at the details of the disney t-shirt! "Disney Princess" was written all over it, but that was crowded so not one of the passers-by can read it and think that I'm a twelve year old who wear something with a "princess" on it. Not that I'm embarassed, cos I love Disney! yay! It was crowded till it looks just like Juicy Couture. Everybody says that. Hah. Brilliant pick, huh? Admit it, it was first that popped in your head!
p.s. who said grey and brown doesn't match? they match just fine. even perfect. at least, here.

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